Roadmap to Recruiting: 2002-2012

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- In one of the most talent-laden states in the country, the Florida Gators have built a dynasty by locking down some of the best in-state talent in the country. But the Gators have also reached into other states to build the rosters of champions.

Click on the link below to view an interactive map of each of Florida's signees from 2002-2012.

Ron Zook reached into Texas a handful of times to pick up a few players that would eventually impact Florida's title hopes, none more notably than Jarvis Moss.

He also created a blueprint on how to recruit the Southeast as a region, hauling in many of the players that would help win Florida's second national title in 2006.

Urban Meyer changed the blueprint a bit, extending the recruiting map farther west into California and farther northeast. That produced players like Ronald Powell, Aaron Hernandez and Joe Haden.

Will Muschamp has widely abandoned the west coast in favor of Georgia. His recruiting territories look more like Zook's but shifted a bit farther east up into the Carolinas.

Which is the best recipe for success? Only time will tell.

Today, gives you an in-depth look at where each of the signees from the 2002-2012 classes came from. You can view the map and zoom in on each pin, all the way down to the school itself.

Some have multiple signees, so be sure to get up close and personal with the map to see them all. You can click on the pins to see details about each player, including full 247Sports rankings for players in the past three classes.

The pins are color-coded, ranging from light purple (2002) to green (2012) to give you an idea how things shifted over time.

Tomorrow, will unveil the recruiting map for each of the players that signs with Florida in the 2013 class. On Thursday, we'll debut the early recruiting map for 2014, showing you the breakdown of where the early targets on Florida's 2014 board hail from.

Recruiting Roadmap: 2002-2012 Signing Classes

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