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Who's Recruited the Best the last Five Years

  • ESPN has had their top 150 list five years now. Urban Meyer has been at Florida five years now (ok he's had six recruiting classes but who can hold the first one against any coach). Meyer's ESPN numbers are sick.

    The graph are the totals for each season of how many players the schools below signed out of ESPN's top 150 list at season's end. To the far right are the five year totals...

    Team '10 '09 '08 '07 '06 Total

    Florida 17 8 11 14 14 64

    USC.. 11 9 10 10 13 53

    Texas 15 9 8 12 8 52

    Georgia 6 8 8 6 12 40

    N Dame 2 7 10 10 10 39

    LSU.. 7 10 4 7 6 34

    Alabama 9 9 7 3 2 30

    Oklahoma 7 6 8 1 6 28

    FSU.. 8 5 5 2 7 27

    One deal with FSU recently getting James Wilder, the past three years they've recruited 18 of the top 150, Florida had twice as many with 36. That's a BIG deal when you are thinking team strength.

    Some interesting stuff above. Alabama only has 30 but 25 of them have been recruited in the past three years. Florida's had 36 in their last three years alone, more than LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma and FSU in their past five years!

    Note that Florida, Texas and USC had 169 out of a total of 750 in ESPN's top 150 list over the past five years. That's 22.5% of the total to 3 schools out of something like 119 schools. That's almost exactly ONE top 150 kid per school (116) per year left.

    You can only wonder what the heck is going on at Notre Dame, and perhaps LSU doesn't have as much talent as we all think them to have. Of course many of the top Tigers have stuck and with a large amount of big time recruits you'll see plenty of normal attrition.

    Don't know what happened to Oklahoma in 2007, they signed 21, they finished 11-3 and beat Texas that year but they really got creamed by West Virginia 48-28 in the bowl.

    It's amazing how much talent Notre Dame has recruited and how little they've done with it. It's time for them to get into a conference, it time for them to get that bulls eye of having their own TV network off their back. You either question the coaching or the assessment of the talent they recruited. Perhaps some of both.

    Of course this is all highly unscientific. In the past this man and many others have proved the five-star guys produce. Sure some don't make it, but most do. Recruiting matters.

    It's a surprise that Georgia has out recruited LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma yet what happens at Athens? Several years I've looked at players at Georgia and envied many wishing they would have come to Florida.

    Some teams that have problem areas can create their own down cycle simply by having to play kids too early in their careers because of no depth, they get injured thus perpetuating the weakness such things can go on for years. Another prime example of the importance of consistent recruiting.

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  • I think you cannot overlook what USC has done pretty much the past 10 years let alone the past five. Whether they cheated or not they still where pulling the best players in the country. Last 2 years they had I think 6 deep at running back any of them would have started for any team in the country. They seem to get the top QB whenever they wanted one. So I would say they probably had the best of the past 5 years.

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  • I agree, but I looked at the last five to try and judge current team strengths and current trends in recruiting.

    There are different perspectives with Scout, Rivals and ESPN. If I would have done them all, and I wasn't about too. But doing them all would display that ESPN favored or valued Florida's recruits a lot. Other services haven't as much.

    Top 100 lists are limited, I think a 150 or 200 is better to try and get a national picture. ESPN's lists were easy to access so I used them.

    There is a reason the Gators have had three 13-1 seasons the last four years. One is the great coaching the other is something everyone needs, great players. Florida has them pretty much at every position.

  • It's a great point, Swampie. Landing James Wilder is a huge deal for the 'Noles...but Florida State needs to continue to bring in guys like him, this year and into the future, if they want to get back to the level they were accustomed to playing at in the 1990's.

    One big name does not a signing class make. That said, I expect Florida State to sign a really good group this year. First-year bump for Jimbo Fisher and they are working hard on the recruiting trail this year. Now, my question is, that staff at Florida State -- closer to Urban Meyer or Ron Zook? Can they sustain success on the trail and on the field over a period of several years? The answer to that question won't be apparent for a few years.

    Great post, by the way.

  • Jumbo still hasn't coached a game as head coach or a season so the jury is still out.

    Right now, if you check the Florida State roster for guys that Florida really wanted, you'll find maybe 8-10 players. However if you check the Florida roster for guys that Florida State really wanted it's probably close to 50. There was a time when Florida and Florida State battled it out for the same guys. Now, Florida gets the good ones and Florida State isn't even on the radar for most of the outstanding players. That's what Jumbo better change quickly if he intends for the Semis to be a player on the national scene.


  • Great point Franz. What happened if Wilder picked Florida? Would that be big news? NO, another five-star guy picks the Gators.

  • I think Jimbo HAS been the head coach at FSU. Blobby was just a figurehead.