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Who will have the better career at Florida

  • Basing my choices solely on your options...

    DT: Brantley. I've got questions/concerns regarding both (for different reasons), but both are extremely talented prospects. However, Brantley is a fringe 5* talent and a top 5 DT prospect this cycle (based on talent alone) IMO. He's just so athletic, agile, and incredibly explosive...could be very disruptive as a one-gap penetrator, yet he's also got such a powerful core/base and lower body girth/strength that he could potentially anchor and stack/shed in a two-gap scheme if he learns to play with discipline. He's kind of a "poor man's" Sharrif Floyd: very similar physical talent, but without Floyd's he's a knucklehead. The key is that I really do believe he "wants it" and can be motivated (see: Ira Denson) deep down, he just needs someone to ride his @$$ and coach it out of him. If he can take "hard coaching," he'll be a beast...if he can't, he'll probably transfer in a year or two.
    ***BTW Luke, do you have any SR film of Bostwick or know where I can find any? I've looked everywhere and asked several buddies of mine in the industry (to no avail). His talent and how incredibly raw he was on those JR highlights definitely suggest a high ceiling and I'm anxious to see how much he progressed from JR to SR year.

    WR: Robinson. Elite prospect, both in terms of talent AND skill (rare). Fulwood has great size and some of the softest, most natural hands of any pass catcher this cycle, but he lacks elite explosiveness and isn't very physical, but similar types like Sidney Rice and Dallas Baker have been successful with the same traits though. Robinson is the exact opposite of Fulwood in terms of explosiveness and physicality, plus he's more talented in addition to being more polished/skilled (higher floor AND higher ceiling).

    LB: McMillian. Love both as prospects, but Choppa is so much more physical and his explosive power is special…I was very pleasantly surprised by the natural instincts he displayed on his SR film, too. While I still question his potential as a true MIKE at the SEC level, I’m not as much in doubt as I was prior to having seen his SR highlight tape. Anzalone is an awesome athlete with great size/frame and has tremendous range/is very skilled in coverage, but is more of a finesse “coverage” LB at this point than an ideal physical downhill thumper (although he did play physical in flashes at the UA game). Has the size, skill, physical ability to play any LB position, only question is his mentality and how he physically responds to the huge learning curve from his level of HS comp to the SEC.

    S: Neal. This one was the hardest one for me…both have the potential to be special players here, but I went with Neal based on his phenomenal upside. Harris is the 2nd best “college ready” safety in the nation IMO behind Cravens. Great athlete, great body, with exceptional agility/hip swivel and elite instincts/intangibles. He doesn’t have elite speed, but his instincts/ability to read and react to the play as it develops more than makes up for that. Neal is a freak, FREAK talent with no ceiling. He’s raw in coverage and is more of a downhill player at this point, but he has tremendous athleticism, explosiveness, range, balance/coordination/body control, and a huge frame with incredible explosive power on contact. If he can develop in coverage and realize his full potential, the sky is the limit. He’s got the single highest ceiling of any recruit in this class IMO (Rolin and Sherit not far behind).

    SDE: Ivie. Pretty simple here: Ivie’s motor/limited upside vs. Riles’ limited motor/huge upside…gotta go with the motor with DL prospects. Riles is the more physically talented, but seems to have motivation issues. Ivie is the exact opposite. I think both have the potential to be versatile guys that can play both inside and outside in specific situations down the road, but Ivie is the “safer” pick at this point.

  • Whichever one of the two who doesn't get popped carrying the Devil's lettuce...

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  • What do you think about kelvin taylor and lane?

  • Again, love 'em both. I posted some of my thoughts on Lane along with his SR film in a thread last weekend, but Taylor is special...he's been my #1 2013 RB for 2-3 years. I watched Marcus Lattimore about 15-20 times throughout his HS career and that's the comparison I've used for Taylor for years. Lattimore never had elite top end speed (which is overrated in an every down featured RB anyway) but he was physical, explosive, powerful, patient, knew/understood how to set up his blocks, had great vision, and his intangibles were beyond measure. Taylor has all of those same attributes. He'll have a bigger "learning curve" than Lattimore because of the level of competition/speed of the game he's used to playing against compared to what he'll see in the SEC, but his skillset transcends levels.

  • I agree with you the kid is a beast. He comes from a school that has produced some great football players but particularly the Db's that play D1 football and have started or played in the SEC.

  • Bostwick

  • I'll take your lack of response as a "no"...thanks anyway though.

  • Hawkins that is

  • Brantley

    IMO, Brantley, Robinson, McMillan, Harris, and K. Taylor will all be three and outs. I don't like to over-hype recruits, but I think DRob and KT have a chance to be all-time Gator offensive greats. They are just such natural football players with prototypical size. I really don't think I have ever been this pumped about a WR or RB since I started following recruiting. Obviously, we had a leg up in landing KT, but I am still impressed that we were able to pull D-Rob away from Clemson. Huge get IMO.

  • that would shock me