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Where do you think Florida should be ranked?

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  • I'd rank top ten right here

    1. Bama - It's theirs till it is taken
    2. Ohio State - Just because look at that freaking easy *** big ten schedule and they did go unbeaten and we all know Meyer is a great coach despite being a terrible person.
    3. Stanford - Legit team
    4. Oregon - can't move them lower from past years..but I think chip kelly will hurt them but they have a lot returning.
    5. Georgia - Don't like them here...but that offense is as good as any in the country and they've recruited well on defense..have to.
    6. Louisville - They beat us last year...I'll put them in front...for now.
    7. Florida - End of the day...only a few teams have more talent then this team and also a great staff we have now. Muschamp will always have a good defense, so I don't get why people think we will struggle some's muschamp. He is a proven defensive genius. Offense...step it up!
    8. Clemson - Boyd is back. FSU will struggle I suspect. This is their year to make a huge run and they have the offense to do it.
    9. Texas A&M - I am reserved on them. To me they had a perfect storm of new coach, new QB, no film and incredible vets. They lost almost every great player they had minus manziel..and he is a head case and way to cocky. I don't buy these top five things but I'll put them top 10 still for now for lack of anyone else.
    10. South Carolina - Can't think of anyone else. ND was here but lost their QB. I've seen several rankings having them very high. It's an illusion. They aren't deep enough. They won the east in 2010, and it took Georgia and Florida and Tennessee being god awful that year and they still almost failed. It won't be that way this year, and South Carolina doesn't have the depth. Spurrier has gotten great big names there, but not enough. Having three -four first rounders but nothing else isn't a winning formula. Nevertheless...the SEC has earned the right to having half the teams in the top ten preseason. Don't like it...beat us.

  • it's obvious you give no credit to south carolina so I'm not sure if what I'm bout to type will make a difference but I will anyway

    The past 3 years we are

    3-0 against UT
    3-0 against UGA
    2-1 against UF

    2010, Florida was not "god awful" that year. You had a tough schedule with Alabama and LSU back to back games. You lost to a pretty good south carolina team and a pretty good FSU team. You're team was not as bad as you're making it out. Yes UGA sucked. UT has sucked for all of recent memory and we all (uga, sc and uf) have to play them so not sure you're point there. We finish 9-3 regular with a win against #1 ranked Alabama.

    2011, Florida was not good that year. UGA was. We went undefeated in the east but lost to two west teams to lose our spot in the SECCG. Our team in 2011 was better than 2010 but our schedule compared to UGA was more difficult. 10-2 regular season in the SEC is good and

    2012, We go 10-2 in regular season with back to back losses in the swamp and night game in death valley. 2 very tough road games. You guys lost to UGA. A team we throttled. They did not score until we put our 3rd string defense in during the 4th quarter. You throttled us, we throttled them, we finish 10-2 with a difficult schedule while UGA plays another fairly easy SEC schedule compared to you guys and us.

    I agree with you on the talent level but that won't change. UF and UGA will always consistently recruit better than SC. We have to "coach em up" to have a chance. We will never be on your or UGA's level as a consistent program but we still have a lot of talent this year and our offense should be better this year than years past. Our big concern is LB where we lose our entire 2 deep to graduation. We have more talent at LB than we've ever had but they're young. If we can get past UGA in game 2 on the road with young LB's against their running game. I fully expect us to make a serious run for the SEC East Title. We finally avoid having to play the top teams in the West (like UGA has done the past 2 years) so you never know.

    Thanks for reading my cool story bro.

  • 2010 and 2011 we were awful. Congrats on thinking you beat a good Gator team. Sorry you're still hurt from that 33 point beat down.

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  • Bro Florida was horrible in 2010...Our coach quit because of how bad we were after winning two national titles in a short time. 2010 we had arrogance over substance. Maybe I am underestimating USCe, but it's kind of hard to consider them "elite". You will get 10 wins, pull a big time win(probably us at your house). But blow it. I mean in 2010 the whole east was horrible, and you still had to beat Florida to get through. This year...well Florida and Georgia are at full strength, just don't see it from South Carolina. We heard last year, the year before, ehh. Until it's done with consistency I can't buy into it. Clowney is the greatest player in college without any question, but what else do you have? I feel like people have assumed Clowney alone wins the East.

    I put Tennessee because they are part of the big six..and have won the east more than USCe has so they are a hurdle you must pass as well. Anyone else feel like voting Tennessee of the big six island? Cause I'm in..rather have south carolina anyways.

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  • In the 8-12 range. I prefer to fly under the radar though. Keeps our guys humble and motivated. I am fine with being top 20.

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  • sorry I don't remember the 2010 gators. All I looked up was the record and saw the tough schedule you had.

    I wouldn't consider us elite either so we agree on that.

    We won more games in 2011 and 2012 than we did in 2010 so I'm not sure I see your point about consistency. In those 2 years we are 3-1 against UGA and UF. So again, not seeing your point. The difference is in 2011 Garcia lost the game by himself to Auburn. He was kicked off the team a week or two after. 2012 we had a brutal schedule with road games back to back against you and LSU. We lost both and didn't make it. Nevertheless, our record against UF and UGA in 2011 and 2012 is 3-1. I'd call that pretty consistent. We've beat UT 3 years in row so f*k UT. I'm sure they'll be back but it will probably take 2-3 years.

    I'm not going to list our entire roster but if you think Clowney is all we have, you're mistaken. We have a lot of talent (not on UGA or UF's level) but we've never had that and never will. We've done quite well the past several years having less talent. BTW, I'm not saying we win the east b/c who the hell knows. We could go 8-4 or 11-1. All depends on how our young linebackers step up. UGA on the road game 2 will be a big test for our team and especially the young LB's.

  • Meyer quit because he is a pussy and......

    A) he and his staff evaluated prospects poorly.


    B) he didn't have coaches in place that were able to develop/control the talent they were bringing in.

    IMO it had nothing to do with the on field record.

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  • SOS is extremely confident in this group he has this year. SC has been a top 10 team the last two years. This should be his best offensive team by far, with the easiest schedule in the east.

    I'd be concerned with the loss of Lawing and the fact that Keiwan Lewis is slated as their starting MLB. That tells me they aren't good at LB at all. However, a great pass rush makes up for a lot with a young defense. I think you'll see the same thing with UF this year.

    Overall they'll be as good or better than the last two years, but without the crucial schedule. They are the favorites to win the east imo. It'll come down to UF/SC in Columbia. They're very very good at home the last three years. Think they've only lost 1 game there.

  • I never said on the field record. Said we sucked. Isn't that exactly what you just put basically? He left because we sucked?

  • They have rather pedestrian running is this better than 2010 offense with Lattimore at 100 percent and Jefferies? They had a good line that year too didn't they?

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  • Ill say 15-20 range, we lost key guys on defense and the offense is a work in progress.

    We can definitely be a top 10 team, but too many question marks on D with the loss of key guys.

    By years end i think we'll be top 10

  • lol, b/c we have no garcia. Brandon Wilds and Mike Davis are not pedestrian running backs. Wilds rushed for several hundred yards games in the 2nd half of the season 2011 after Lattimore tore his ACL. Mike Davis is a beast. You know the name.

    He'll be a true freshman but top 100 247 RB David Williams should be pretty good also.

    Losing Alshon will hurt any team especially in the red zone. It's not like you can replace guys like him, AJ Green, Julio Jones, etc on a yearly basis. But our offense did better without him. Why? Because we no longer have a drunk QB tossing the ball around.

  • Yeah, not sure how good Lewis will be. We did move Kelvin Rainey over to LB this spring. Alabama wanted him at LB. We recruited him as a TE/HB. We have a top 100 LB Bryant enrolled now. Not sure if he'll play Mike or Will LB spot. Not the homer in me but honest opinion, I think we'll be better at linebacker than we have been the past several years. Our linebackers have been pedestrian at best. At least we have a lot of talent in the redshirt freshman or true freshman. It will take them some time but once they learn how to play in the SEC and in front of 85,000 fans, we will be better at LB position than we have been.

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