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What are the Top 20 college football jobs?

  • Tier 1 - Can and will win big if you're a good coach. Destination jobs

    USC - Its Southern Cal for God Sake. Great weather, great education, access to the best recruits in the biggest state, loads of money and tradition, NFL players galore, easy conference.. Literally every advantage a team could want, they have.

    Texas - Pretty much the same as USC.. Still plenty of kids who will go to Texas to where A&M's emergence shouldn't hurt them. The right coach will show where Texas really belongs in the pecking order.

    UF - Weather, loads of money and resources, natl brand, best conference in the land, good AD, premiere program over the last 20+ years in the nation. Access to the best, albeit most raw, recruits in the nation

    Ohio State - Loaded instate talent. Huge fanbase, huge money, easy conference, tradition, etc.. Best Midwest/northern job. Recruits who don't want to stray far from home with stay with them, even as far as the Northeast.

    LSU - Unprecedented instate advantage in a state that isn't huge, but produces enough talent to build championship teams, as we've seen year after year lately. BIg athletic budget at a school that cares about football more than anything else. This is an advantage they have over UF imo. The willingness to spend regardless of what other sports are doing. Any decent coach can win and win big here.

    Tier 2 - Could be considered as good as any. Easy to win if you're a good coach. Everything you need to be on even level with tier 1

    UGA - Second best state for talent in the South with a more loyal group of HS kids to their instate school. Richt has let some kids slip away for whatever reason, but that won't always happen. Lack of natl brand and success at highest level puts them here. Everything else is there. Probably the richest SEC school because they're fiscally responsible.. Maybe to a fault. Amazing college town. As much success as they've had, they're still a sleeping giant imo.

    Bama - Saban makes them appear better than they are. Not a great talent base instate, but enough of a regional brand to recruit elsewhere. Most rabid fanbase, admin, etc in the nation. Will do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to win.

    Notre Dame - Tradition speaks for itself. Education second to none. Natl brand second to none. Can and will recruit from Cali, to Texas, to Florida, to New Jersey. Money money money.

    Michigan - A midwest rooted coaches dream. Similar to Ohio State, but without the talent advantage instate. Still some nice talent there, with plenty in Northern Ohio who will also go. Nice brand, good money, huge stadium, great fans, easy conference.. Many of the things that make a job a "good one".. Weather is bad and Ohio State is close, keeping this from being a better job.

    Texas A&M - Second largest student body in the nation. Huge talent advantage in the Houston area. Poorly managed for many years now, but Sumlin will change them the way Saban changed LSU. Only disadvantage is Texas in same state, but that will become less and less of an issue imo. This is going to be a hot spot very soon. Money, great fanbase, facilities, and on and on. Unreal how long its taken them to find the right guy

    Florida State - In a hole money wise from poor managment. Not an overly loyal fanbase that will spend. None the less, a larege contingent of prospects from the souths best talent pool will choose FSU. Access to Pan handle, Bama, Georgia, South Carolina, etc etc.. Easiest place to win in the south because of the ACC, makes this job desirable.

    Oklahoma - Access to Texas. Tradition galore, money and fanbase. Footprint reaches out as far west as Arizona and Cali. Advantage over all but Texas in conference. No instate talent and the fact that its Oklohama keeps it from being better

    Penn State - Scandal and probation hurt. Joe Pa sticking around hurt them. When they're on equal footing, they're a giant. Will they recover quickly after their sanctions?? Normally I'd say yes, the there may be a stigma that detracts parents and recruits for many years. This job would be higher than Michigan on my list two years ago.. Sleeping giant with better instate talent than Michigan, access to DC, Maryland, Virgina, Jersey, and even Ohio/Illinois/Indiana/etc.. Lots of talent in these areas

    Tier 3 - Need to be proactive and innovative. Give yourself an advantage over what generally keeps other coaches at these schools down. Do that and you're in the spotlight.. Chance you'll leave with 1 or 2 comes calling.. Could be destination job if the ties are there.

    UCLA - Even after USC gets theirs, there is plenty leftover to build a great roster. Good school, good tradition, plays in the Rose Bowl as home stadium, located in LA.. Another school like A&M that shouldn't have taken this long to start winning again. More they win, the smaller the gap between themselves and USC, although USC will always be top dog in LA

    Oregon - Nike money, becoming natl brand with their footprints all over the "spread" offense. Beautiful place, access to Cali recruits.. Did I mention Phil Knight and Nike Money? Able to go into Texas and Florida to land recruits at times. Umm.. Nike money.

    Auburn - Tradition, loyal fans, lots of money, Atlanta talent, loyal contingent of recruits who grew up AU fans instate, another win at all cost school in the south. Being little brother to the biggest brother in the nation right now in a smaller state hurts them. Saban leaves, AU gets right coach, this job moves up the list.

    Miami - South Florida talent.. Ability to become natl brand again. Admin is hurting them with lack of spending and backing. Terrible fanbase, no stadium, terrible facilities.. Still, the fact that there will always be kids who will go there no matter what, in the best area for talent in the entire country, puts them here. Ability to win with right admin and coach is second to none. Unreal what has happened to them. Could eventually move way up.

    UTenn - Best facilities in the nation. Access to North Carolina, Georgia, Virgina, DC talent. Huge stadium, second best team historically in the SEC. Modern day college football has not been kind to them now that all these schools around them have big money. Not sure they will ever fully recover because they can't poach other states players the way they used to. Still a high paying job. Right work ethic and staff can make it happen here, just not as easily as others.

    Washington - Nice place, good fans, good money, decent name, decent talent base, good history.. A nice job for a west coast guy, and there are plenty of those out there. Could argue for them being above some others.

    Arizona State - decent instate talent, access to Cali recruits, largest student body in country, great weather, easy conference, decent fanbase.. Should be much better historically than they've been. This is not a bad job at all.

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