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UL site analysis of Black and Francis

  • Here is the link:

    and here is what they say about Black:

    "Leron Black is a player that we [UL] just offered a scholarship to a week ago. He's a high energy power forward (some sites list him as a small forward). He's not big at all for his position, but he's lengthy and has explosive athleticism. He has a developing jumpshot and is a great rebounder. Doesn't have great handles. Not sure how involved we'll be in the recruitment. Next month we'll have a better idea of where we are."

    and what they say about Francis:

    "Francis is really intriguing. He's the guy with connections to Mike Balado. As far as what type of player he is, he's a pretty good offensive player, with defense that needs to improve. The main selling point with Brandone is that he can play three perimeter positions (he's 6'5) and has great passing skills. Obviously, sharing the ball is very important, especially in a pro-style pick and roll system like the one we run. We just offered him a scholly a few weeks ago, and it's a pretty realistic possibility. Florida is the perceived leader, and there are rumors that he almost commited to the Gators back on the AAU circuit a few months back. I think the longer this thing goes, the better for us."

  • Spot on about Francis IMO