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Texas A&M wants to hear from you!

  • As you are all aware Texas A&M is joining the SEC on July 1. I was asked by Texas A&M University to introduce themselves and more importantly let them get to know Gator fans in terms of game day traditions, places to eat while in Gainesville, etc. I need your help in providing info and feedback to their fans so they'll know more about us when we come to College Station on September 8th. You’ll also get to learn a little bit about the Aggies too..

    Here's a snapshot of Texas A&M:

    Location: College Station, Texas (about 90 miles northwest of Houston)
    Colors: Maroon & White

    Nickname: Aggies

    Founded: 1876 (first public university in Texas)

    Enrollment: 49,861 Students

    There are a few questions listed below that they’d like us to answer so they can take that info back to educate their fan base about us.

    - What are the best restaurants and attractions to visit when the Aggies are in Gainesville?

    - What are some of your game day traditions?

    - Who are your most famous/notable alumni?

    - What is The University of Florida most known for?

    Here are a few of Texas A&M’s Traditions Explained:

    Kyle Field - Texas A&M’s football stadium opened in 1927 on a plot of land purchased by Professor of Horticulture E.J. Kyle. Today, the stadium boasts a seating capacity of 83,000+. When the crowd sings the ‘Aggie War Hymn’ they “saw” back and forth which actually moves the stadium from side to side.

    The 12th Man - This term refers to the entire student body. After several injuries during a football game in 1922, the Aggies were down to just 11 players. Student E. King Gill came from the stands, suited up and stood ready to go on the field if needed. The spirit of this “Twelfth Man” continues, as current students stand during the entire game to support their team.

    Howdy - “Howdy” is the official greeting of Texas A&M. Students greeting one another, and especially visitors, with a “howdy” has earned the university a reputation as one of the friendliest campuses in the world.

    Yell Leaders - Aggies don’t cheer, they yell! Look for Aggie Yell Leaders in front of the student section at athletics events, wearing all white and encouraging their peers to show their Aggie Spirit. Listen for the A&M student body doing different “Yells” during any A&M sporting event.

    Midnight Yell - A&M’s version of a 25,000 person pep rally. At midnight the night before each home game, Aggie fans gather at Kyle Field and Yell Leaders get the crowd pumped and ready to support the Aggies in the next days’ contest.

    Gig ’em - Aggies will often flash a thumbs up and say “gig ’em.” This started at a yell practice before the 1930 TCU football game, when Aggie Pinky Downs shouted, “What are we gonna do to those Horned Frogs?” He then gave the crowd a thumbs-up yelling the answer, “Gig ’em, Aggies!” A “gig” is a sharp-pronged tool used for hunting frogs.

    Corps of Cadets - Texas A&M began as an all-male military institution. While today’s membership is voluntary, the Corps of Cadets’ makes up about 4% of the total student body at A&M — both male and female — and is the largest uniformed body of students outside the U.S. military academies.

    Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band - The nationally acclaimed Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, which is comprised of members of the Corps of Cadets, is known for its military precision and style. Click here for a half time clip ('Aggie War Hymn' starts at 6 minute mark)

    Reveille - The official mascot of Texas A&M. Reveille first came to campus in 1931, after a group of cadets found a stray dog on the road. “Miss Rev,” as cadets address her, can be seen around campus, in class or attending a number of events.

    We’re working with Texas A&M University on this program in an official capacity. Remember that your replies to this thread will be read by fans at Texas A&M, and officials at the University. Let’s represent Gator fans well as we welcome Texas A&M University as the 13th member of the SEC!

    Luke Stampini

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  • In Gville:

    Brews: Balls

    Food: Cafe Risque

    Broads: Cracker Barrel

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  • What are the best restaurants and attractions to visit when the Aggies are in Gainesville?
    For breakfast,-43rd st deli williston rd location. Best quality food for the money. Williston rd is less crowded than 43rd st location.
    Lunch/dinner-Ballyhoos,-said to be Spurriers favorite restaurant, dinner-Napalatonos "Nappys",... one of my favorites- The Top-very healthy,-and very good.

    - What are some of your game day traditions?
    Unless it is a big game,-avoid the traffic and watch on the Samsung 1080 p 240hrz TV. If going to the game,-park on NW 10th ave to avoid being blocked in and paying for parking like all the other suckers. Then walk down to campus and watch everyone act a fool, the drunks, the trash talkers, the sorority girls, the Gator rides, etc.
    - Who are your most famous/notable alumni?
    Emmitt Smith, Steve Spurrier, Tebow, Erin Andrews, Camillio Villegas, a couple hundred more,-too many to list. (Some of my favorites.)

    - What is The University of Florida most known for?
    Football, inflated football expectations, somewhat spoiled fans, great weather, great facilities, a top 25 education amongst non ivey league schools, top notch teaching hospitals, Billy Donnovan, SEC speed, elite athletes in all sports, an overall committment to success in both athletics and academics, fans that care way more about the Gators and college sports than professional sports, Gatorade, etc...Used to think the coeds,-but the higher the entrance requirements, the less tall blondes there are.

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  • Best restaurants: Ballyhoo, Dragonfly, Mark's Prime, Leonardo's, Satchel's, La Tienda, Chopstix, Reggae Shack

    Quality bars: Balls(cheap drinks), Mother's(for watching a game), 101 Cantina(hot chicks)

    Attractions (not much): giant sinkhole, Payne's Prairie, bat house, Lake Alice, nearby you have a few different springs like Ginnie Springs

  • Welcome Aggies!! I will be making the trek to College Station in September, really looking forward to it. I will have a personal tour guide, as my son-in-law is an Aggie, 4 Gators (me, wife, daughter, and Grandson) with the plus 1!! Go Gators....Gig 'em all the other aTm games.

  • Where can I get tix for the game? I live in Houston and would love to rep the O&B at the first ever SEC game for TAMU :)

  • Tickets - try ebay or stub hub. As a Bull Gator I can order a Maximum of 6. Places to eat in C/S - Dixie Fried Chicken or the usual chain restaurants - no Ballyhoo's. Their band is the BEST - no close second. The stadium sucks as the seating is gradual, the decks were add ons and look it, one end zone is 3 levels and very high, the other is like 20 rows with a jumbo tron above it and you are far from the field. The upper deck sways as it is being discussed about tearing it down, rennovating, or just building a new stadium (best idea). The midnite yell practice is funny and they will probably have 50,000 in there for their first SEC game. Hotels - non existant. Drive over from Houston, Waco, or Austin. The campus is on a giant plain with virtually no trees but the good news is you can certainly find the stadium. It is on par with Ms State only larger with no trees. By the way the Mo stadium is even worse.

  • There won't be tix from the UF athletic department for road games?

  • Aggy better get a clue.

    There are two things very wrong with this shirt.

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for your answers so far! It is a big honor that they have chosen our Florida site and this board to help learn about the culture and traditions of Gator fans. I think it speaks volumes about the posters we have here, how we treat everyone, etc.

    Let's show some of our spirit and help their fans learn more about us as we learn about them. Again, the main questions they like you to answer are:

    - What are the best restaurants and attractions to visit when the Aggies are in Gainsville?
    - What are some of your game-day traditions?
    - Who are your most famous/notable alumni?
    - What is the University of Florida most known for?
    - What’s the most important thing you think Aggie fans need to know about the U of F?

    Thanks again for the responses so far and I hope you guys will give it some serious thought/effort - just like you would want folks to answer for you if the tables were turned.

    Thanks again.


  • One of the things UF is most noted for is inventing Gatorade.

  • - What are some of your game-day traditions?

    School answer is probably "we are the boys" between 3rd and 4th quarter.
    Other earlier activities include pre-game at bars across from campus. Walk-through tailgates to meet friends/people watch. Gather at Plaza of Americas for the march to the stadium---not in that order

    - Who are your most famous/notable alumni?

    football wise it was Emmitt Smith, Steve Spurrier. Now Tebow.

    - What is the University of Florida most known for?

    hot ladies and live gators on campus

    - What’s the most important thing you think Aggie fans need to know about the U of F?

    hot ladies and live gators on campus

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