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Record: 5026 (1/15/2014)



  • 386gator

    Been a great day, many things to be thankful for. And while im thankful for my family, friends, good health and Gatornation. One thing in my life that ive always had, even in the darkest hours, music. Music has always been a way out, a way to take my mind off all the problems. Music is timeless and moves everybody differently, but on this thanksgiving im thankful for hip-hop. Usually im on that g-sh*t, but today I had to slow it down. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and if you like hip-hop check out this joint. Snoop ft Dr Dre- Imagine

    Snoop Dogg - 20 Imagine - Blue Carpet Trea...

    f/ Dr. Dre

    [Snoop Dogg]
    Yo Doc what up my nigga
    Snoop Dogg, it is what it is
    This record is so motherfuckin' gangsta man
    And i think it's time for me and you to just
    Tone it down a bit
    Come on

    [Dr. Dre]
    Imagine it never happened
    Imagine no rappin'
    Imagine niggaz trapped
    Imagine it havin' action
    Imagine how niggaz could be actin'
    If you never got this shit crackin
    Imagine life's so hard
    You can't imagine it's like livin' in city of god
    You feel me
    Imagine life on the yard
    I'm tryin' to get that dollar on some shitty ass job
    Imagine Biggie with his son
    Imagine Pac gettin' call pop 'bout one
    Imagine a mother strugling
    Dealing with a system that don't give a fuck about who shot her son
    Imagine life you can't win
    When you get out of the ghetto and go right to the pen
    When you get out to the pen you go right to the jenz
    When you put back to the streets you get right back in
    Imagine Russell still strugling
    No Def Jam it's anotoher nigga hustlin'
    And no rocks on them fellaz
    Just rocks on them fellaz
    Just try and keep it bubblin'
    Imagine niggaz just stoped
    From the east to the west coast, everybody fucked up
    I can't imagine no less
    But it don't take imagination
    To know niggaz been bless with

    Before we go
    Can you imagine?
    Picture years, with your mom
    Can you imagine?
    Hang her picture in the sky
    Can you imagine?
    Call emergency I've been dreamin' all my life.

    [Snoop Dogg]
    Could you imagine bein' lit up by some hot shells?
    Imagine being tossed around and put in jails
    Imagine life when you can't get from under
    Imagine niggaz at ya when you done fo'
    Remember when they asks ya why ya run for and treat ya like a bitch
    When they kick you in your dick and take your shit
    We act like we hate to see you gun hoe
    But just imagine if the rappin' got the gun no but you already know.
    Imagine niggaz in the LBC felt just like Snoop Dogg & D-R-E,
    And felt just like the niggaz in the 2-1-3.
    Then imagine us was comin' when you fuckin' with me.
    Imagine you was up on top of this shit
    Imagine if the bitches could stay off this dick
    I mean imagine we said fuck this shit
    Imagine if my niggaz got together and tow up this bitch, yeah
    You can't imagine growin' up in the jail done
    Happy just to be alive' watching all your people run
    Would you imagine growin' up to sell your 50 million records world wide or fuckin' on somebodies son
    Imagine if these niggaz neva saw a colour
    Would it be peaceful in them streets where niggaz kill each other
    All the drunk fool gets pissed on balls
    He fuckin' off my niggaz, they gone murder us all
    Imagine that


    In the name of Allah, in the name of God
    The benificiant, the merciful
    The one God to whom all praises due
    Regardless of land labor, of title

    No matter what name you call God by
    Whenever life seems hard
    Everybody know that you must talk to God
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