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Quinton Powell

  • diff is that Powell had decommitted once already

    kirkland is a different story

  • They did it to a great prospect at a position of need that wanted to be a Cane, and at a pipeline school where a certain 5 star LB happens to attend. Much dumber IMO. QP decommited from us, and now we decommited from him. Later "Small bones" El oh El.

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  • To me, there is a good bit of difference between the actions the two schools took.

    Miami pulled the offer of a guy who had been silently committed for a while, and whose only offense was refusing to publicly commit, thereby foregoing his planned big announcement at the signing ceremony at his school. He did not publicly decommitt and then expect a spot to be held for him.

    Powell had publicly decommitted and was very visibly shopping around at other schools. How can anybody who decommits expect a school to hold a scholarship for him just in case he in the end picks the school he just rejected? There is nothing that UF did that was even slightly unfair, much less sleazy, as some have charged.

    UM dumped a committed guy just for not going public, UF informed a guy who had decommitted and was shopping around, that it no longer had room for him. Big difference.....

    And by the way, I don't necessarily think that Miami did anything wrong, although they surely bungled things, and their actions were unwise. They have only a very few slots open, and they wanted him to go public, I think, to test the strength of that commitment, in an effort to make sure that the slot would not be wasted. I just think that they wanted to lower the chances that the slot would end up unfilled. They are operating with a low number of scholarship players, and they desperately need a certain number of bodies. I think they should have been able to finesse things a lot better than they did, and like I wrote above, they stupidly bungled the operation.

    Still, the circumstances surrounding their actions were different than those of UF, and Miami's actions were a good bit more severe than UF's.

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