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Jeff Choate - Boise State recruiting resume

  • I've compiled a list of the main recruits that Choate can be given (at least partial) credit for during his tenure at Boise State, as well as some of their accomplishments. I started with 2007 since he would not have had an impact on the 2006 class. It was harder to find accomplishments for players before 2010, as they are mostly no longer on Boise's roster.

    Choate's main areas were Sacramento (some of the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Northern Cali all the way to the Oregon line) and Houston. All players listed from CA and TX are from these respective areas.

    All recruits listed were either from Choate's area, played Choate's respective position (RB and then Nickel), or had Choate listed as their main recruiter.

    -------------------- C/o 2007 - RBs coach --------------------

    3* DE Billy Winn: Las Vegas, NV - top player in Nevada, chose Boise over Arizona State, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Texas Tech, UNLV, and Fresno (Choate lead recruiter); went on to be a 6th round pick and starter for the Browns 2012

    3* RB DJ Harper: Cypress, TX - chose Boise over UH offer; main recruiter was Pease; just finished 6th year at Boise, rushing for 1100 yards

    2* HB Doug Martin: Stockton, CA - no offers, but you know where he is now; first round NFL draft pick and Pro-Bowler for Tampa Bay

    2* WR Brandyn Thomspon: Elk Grove, CA - No offers, but went on to be a 7th round draft pick of the Redskins as a DB in 2011

    2* DT Chase Baker: Rocklin, CA - No offers; ended career with 100 tackles and 6 sacks, made Vikings practice squad 2012

    2* OC Thomas Byrd: Oakland, CA - recruited by Choate, chose Boise over local San Jose State; All-conference starting center 2009-11

    2* OG Josh Nisby: Stockton, CA - chose Boise over Nevada; Martin's teammate

    2* OT Zach Waller: Elk Grove, CA - chose Boise over Nevada

    2* LB Ben Chandler: Rockland, CA - No offers

    -------------------- C/o 2008 - RBs coach --------------------

    3* DT Greg Grimes: Sacramento, CA - chose Boise over San Diego State and Utah State; starting DT as a senior in 2012

    2* ATH George Iloka: Sugar Land, TX - recruited by Choate, went on to be two-time All-Conference safety and 5th-round pick of the Bengals in 2012; chose Boise over local offer from Rice

    2* OT Brenel Myers: Spring, TX - chose Boise over UTEP

    2* RB Raphiel Lambert: Portland, OR - chose Boise over local offers from Oregon State and Portland State; injuries derailed career

    -------------------- C/o 2009 - RBs coach --------------------

    Choate was promoted to Special Teams Coordinator and Nickelbacks coach starting with the 2009 season, but would have been considered the RBs coach for most of this recruiting cycle

    3* CB Quaylon Ewing: Sugar Land, TX - played as a nickel under Choate; Ewing was eventually kicked off the team and did not get drafted in the Supplemental Draft

    3* RB Malcolm Johnson: Gresham, OR - chose Boise over Air Force and Portland State

    2* JuCo DB Winston Venable: Glendale CC, AZ - was used as a nickel back at Boise, which Choate started coaching in the 2009 season; recorded game-sealing interception in 2010 Fiesta Bowl; made the Bears roster as an undrafted rookie in 2011

    2* TE Trevor Peterson: Placerville, CA - chose Boise over Harvard, SDSU, Utah; was highly touted at the beginning of his career before he left the team

    ------------ C/o 2010 - ST and Nickelbacks coach ------------

    Boise graduated only 4 players and only signed 10 in this class

    3* DB Jeremy Ioane: Honolulu, HI - chose Boise last minute over Notre Dame and Washington; started his first game against Georgia 2011, started every game in 2012 as a safety

    2* LB Darren Lee: Susanville, CA - no offers; is a freshman now after 2-year church mission

    2* TE Holden Huff: Rocklin, CA - no offers; grayshirted 2010 and redshirted 2011, started 5 games his freshman season (2012) with 17 catches for 250 yards and 4 touchdowns

    ------------ C/o 2011 - ST and Nickelbacks coach ------------

    3* DE Samuel Ukwuachu: Pearland, TX - chose Boise over Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Illinois, Louisville, Northwestern, and TCU; started 12 games as a redshirt freshman, earning Freshman All-American honors

    3* RB Jay Ajayi: Frisco, TX - chose Boise over Minnesota, New Mexico State, and Wyoming; was second-leading rusher as a redshirt freshman, including setting a school record with 6.7 ypc

    3* QB Jimmy Laughrea: Rocklin, CA - chose Boise over San Jose State, Utah State, Washington State, and Wyoming; has yet to play a game

    3* DE Robert Ash: Elk Grove, CA - chose Boise over several Pac-12 offers; has moved from DL to OL

    ------------ C/o 2012 - ST and Nickelbacks coach ------------

    Choate was hired to WSU one month before NSD 2012, but would have had a hand recruiting these players

    3* RB Shane Rhodes: Klein, TX (Houston area) - chose Boise over Kansas State; played in every game as a true freshman as a RB/WR hybrid, accumulated 250 yards and 3 touchdowns

    3* S Chris Santini: San Jose, CA - Choate listed as recruiter, chose Boise over Oregon State, Utah, and several local offers; listed as a nickel on Boise's roster (Choate's position), redshirted 2012 but earned the Ultimate Rebar Award

    2* TE Armand Nance: Houston, TX - Boise only offer; moved to DL and recorded 9 tackles and a sack as a reserve as a freshman

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  • There really isn't much talent out here in Nor Cal

    Most of the talent in the Sacramento area comes from Grant, or in the Bay Area its De La Salle.

    All the talent in California is in So Cal really. Occasionally you'll find one good player out here, like Vanderdoss from Placerville or Jordan Richards who ended up at Stanford recently. Grant sends the most players to 1-A schools around here and most of the time its Oregon, Cal or Stanford who lands them.

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  • You're probably not gonna see Florida hit NorCal hard.

    But I think we can learn a lot about Choate and Boise from their success recruiting there. They found an area that has some talent, a lot of diversity, and they were able to find under-the-radar kids who were hungry and turned them into good players.

    Particularly guys like Brandyn Thompson and Chase Baker, who didn't have offers anywhere else but both ended up making NFL rosters.

  • I'd say that resume is just as impressive as any big school guy that has landed a bunch of 4 and 5 stars. Identifying those talents, recruiting them, and signing them at Boise, is pretty darn impressive. I think "having recruited this area or that area" is not near as important as being a great recruiter in general. This guy sure looks and sounds like he will be another key piece in our relentless staff. He certainly fits the mold, and is obviously a big leap up from BY, in both coaching and recruiting ability. He doesn't have the super bowl rings to show, but I think he'll manage.

  • Interesting read. Thanks for putting in the effort.

  • You could turn those 2 into 4's and some 3's into 5's

  • I'd still rather us just take 4/5's and make them NFL players....

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    Beatings will continue until morale improves

  • everyone would, but being able to find D1 starters who end up making NFL rosters at a school like boise with no natural recruiting grounds shows that he has an eye for talent and that he can go out and get guys he wants from 100's of miles away.