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Up-downs the answer to penalties?

Gainesville, Fla. -- Tight end Jordan Reed lined up to the right of the formation, and his eyes lit up as he saw the coverage. The way the defense lined up, he was the key route for the quarterback, and a potentially big play was coming.

Coach Will Muschamp is trying something new to get through to his team about penalties.

But Reed sprinted out of his stance before the ball was snapped, drawing a 5-yard false start penalty.

"We’re jumping offsides on 2nd and 1 with a pretty good play I think where some good things can happen," offensive coordinator Brent Pease said. "A couple of [the penalties], we’re going to deal with."

Reed had to do 11 pushups for his mistake, which didn't end up really hurting Florida thanks to a nice run by Matt Jones on the next play.

"I was just antsy," Reed said. "They called a pass play, and I seen the coverage and it was for me to catch the ball."

His punishment may seem light, but after all, you don't want to wear your players out during the course of the game.

It's in practice where players are being hit with harsher punishments for being penalized. To cut down on discipline penalties, coach Will Muschamp has a new tactic.

"Up-downs," Reed said. "If you jump offsides during practice, they stop the practice and do up-downs. The whole offense. If the defense jumps, the defense's got to do it."

Right now Florida ranks dead last in the country in penalties. The 14 assessed on the Gators were two more than any other FBS school committed in the opening week, and only seven schools were hit for more penalty yardage.

"You’ve got to become more disciplined," Pease said. "It’s not just a football thing. If you’re going to become more disciplined on penalties, you’re going to become more disciplined in how you run your life -- going to class on time, how you prepare, being here, pay your tickets, get your books in on time, whatever. That’s how you’ve got to become in life."

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