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Top 10 plays from open practices

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- After taking in two open practices, is here to recap the action with a look at the Top 10 performers and the Top 10 plays from the two open sessions on Friday and Saturday.

Quarterback Jeff Driskel didn't have a ton of highlight plays, but his scramble Saturday made our Top 10 plays cut.

Top 10 Plays

10. Jeff Driskel escapes collapsing pocket for big gain -- On a play that got a handful of offensive linemen yelled at, Jeff Driskel made something out of nothing. Dominique Easley collapsed the pocket quickly on Driskel's left side, but Driskel stepped up and cut right in front of a crashing defensive end on the other side, taking of and outrunning Easley for about a 20-yard gain before sliding down safely.

9. Matt Jones option run off right tackle -- In Saturday's practice, Jones took an option pitch off the right side. He cut inside nicely for a solid gain before dropping his shoulder and plowing into safety Cody Riggs, knocking him backward. It was Jones' most impressive run after two days of solid play.

8. Antonio Morrison slings Kent Taylor to the ground -- Morrison made several plays throughout the two practices showcasing his physical nature, including a forced fumble in a special teams drill. But his highlight came Friday, when Kent Taylor caught a short pass over the middle. Morrison reached over with one arm and sent him flying to the ground, earning some deserved vitriol from head coach Will Muschamp. The sheer strength of the throw-down was impressive.

7. Quinton Dunbar jukes out Marcus Roberson -- Dunbar was solid through both practices, but his highlight play came in one-on-one work against Marcus Roberson. Dunbar ran what looked like a post route, but he cut sharply to his right and left Roberson in the dust as he caught the pass on the out route and jetted up the sidelines to applause from the fans.

6. Daniel McMillian drops into coverage, picks off a pass -- Several players took advantage of poor throws by third-string quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg, but the freshman linebacker made the most impressive one on Friday. With Mornhinweg scanning the deep middle of the field, McMillian dropped back and made a leaping grab on the pass before skirting upfield with impressive athleticism.

5. Cody Riggs decks Kent Taylor -- Florida brought the house on a blitz Saturday, but the offensive line reacted well. Driskel had just enough time to get the ball out to Taylor on an out route, but as Taylor headed for the sidelines, Cody Riggs stepped up and blasted the tight end, nearly taking the much bigger player to the ground.

4. Latroy Pittman saves an interception with impressive catch -- After having a solid practice on Friday, Pittman made the catch of the day when he bailed out his quarterback on a sure interception. The pass was thrown over the middle, where a defender had drifted in front of the play. But Pittman reached back and contorted his body around the defender to come down with a heck of a catch through contact.

3. Gideon Ajagbe stiff-arms Morrison on the sidelines -- Ajagbe had a handful of impressive plays on Saturday, but none were more impressive than his manhandling of Morrison on a swing pass out of the backfield. Ajagbe caught the pass running to his right and cut up the sidelines in front of the stands. Morrison looked ready to firmly plant him out of bounds, but Ajagbe stuck out his arm and gave Morrison a faceful of fist, holding him off for an extra 10 yards after nearly knocking him off his feet.

2. Raph Andrades pins Loucheiz Purifoy on a block -- Though Andrades had a shaky go of things in the two open practices, he certainly had one of the highlight plays. On the middle field in a blocking drill, he knocked Loucheiz Purifoy off his feet and then continued to block him into the grass. The exchange got so heated teammates and an assistant had to pull Andrades off his block and separate the two.

1. Trey Burton hauls in an impressive fade pass -- There weren't many pretty passes thrown in the two open sessions, with less passes thrown downfield than normal. But Trey Burton hauled in the highlight-reel catch midway through Saturday's practice. With a defender on his back, Burton turned and hauled in a perfect pass from Driskel, shedding his defender just long enough to turn and haul in the pass high above his head.

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