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Swamp Secrets: Recruiting Battles

Several schools are still coming after USC commit Jalen Ramsey.

Recruiting is a competition similar to what the schools go through each Saturday in the fall. If the first nine or so months of the recruiting cycle compare to those easy non-conference games at the beginning the schedule, then December to February's signing day are like those knock-down, drag-out fights you see during rivalry week or in the conference title games.

This is the time recruiting battles start to catch fire and school duke it out to land as many top prospects as possible. The Gators are in a handful of those recruiting fist-fights currently, even with a rather full class. gives you the latest rumblings surrounding Souther California commit Jalen Ramesy, Clemson commit Demarcus Robinson, Alabama commit Demarcus Walker and much more in this edition of...

Swamp Secrets: Recruiting Battles

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