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Pease won't talk Kentucky job yet

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- On Sunday, the Kentucky Wildcats announced they had fired head coach Joker Phillips effective at the end of the season, kicking off the wild college coaching carousel.

Phillips' departure could end up affecting Florida down the road. Current Gators offensive coordinator Brent Pease served in the same capacity at Kentucky from 2001-02 and is "believed to be interested" in the vacant head coaching job at Kentucky, according to Yahoo! Sports reporter Pat Forde.

Pease denied any current interest in the position and said he will not reach out to anyone at Kentucky during the season.

"I'm not going to approach it in-season at all," he said. "If the opportunity comes up afterward, I'd do whatever's appropriate at that time."

However, despite his desire to wait until the season ends, Pease did not outright deny interest in the job.

"I mean, you always visit with people," he said. "That's what we're in the profession for."

The first-year Florida offensive coordinator would also have the full support of Florida coach Will Muschamp in the event he decides to pursue a head coaching vacancy in the offseason.

Despite putting up lackluster numbers on offense this season, Pease's creativity has helped Florida do just enough to get out to an 8-1 start to the season, including notching a 7-1 conference mark for just the 12th time in school history.

"Brent's certainly an outstanding football coach," Muschamp said Monday. "Any opportunity he has as a head coach I know that I will fully endorse that as well as Jeremy Foley, our athletic director, and our president. He is a really good football coach and that goes for any of our coaches. If they have an opportunity to be a head coach, I am all for it."

Interest or not, from Kentucky's end or Pease's, the first-year Florida offensive coordinator is happy with the position he's in right now.

The Gators are well within the BCS hunt, and that's where Pease will focus his attention for now. If or when something happens down the road, he'll be more open to discussing it.

"I'm focused on here. I've only been here one year. I've made a commitment to be here, especially with my family," Pease said. "And I'll move on if that situation arises. Ask me that question later when something happens, I guess. I can't comment on a ghost story right now."

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