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Harrison alleges racial slurs

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida center Jon Harrison met with the media Tuesday for the first time since he was ejected in the third quarter against Arkansas on Oct. 5 and alleged that an Arkansas player used several racial slurs toward him, which ultimately led to his frustration and subsequent ejection.

C Jon Harrison alleged verbal racial abuse by Arkansas players in a game on Oct. 5.

"What happened was, one play I got face-masked, then the next play I got called every version of the 'N-word' known to man," Harrison said. "And I went up to the ref and I'm like, 'Ref, please, you have to control this player. He's been calling me every racial slur.'"

On the play Harrison referred to prior to his ejection, he came free to the second level and blocked linebacker Braylon Mitchell. As the TV broadcast pans away from Harrison, his head is visibly yanked.

Harrison was ejected one play later.

On the play Harrison was ejected, Arkansas linebacker Austin Jones lines up over Harrison's left shoulder and Harrison blocks him slightly before going to the second level to block on a screen pass for Mack Brown. At the end of the play, Harrison dives at the feet of linebacker Jarrett Lake and then gets up to speak with a referee.

"I talk with my hands as you guys probably have seen this whole time and I touched the ref in his chest, I didn't poke him, but I was talking like this," Harrison said, waving his hands as he explained to reporters.

"I didn't even known I got ejected. I was sitting on the sideline talking to the coach and I heard my number, and then they just walked me off the field. There was no malicious intent. I wasn't trying to be an A-hole or anything like that. I was honestly was just trying to tell the ref to get this player because I was getting attacked, I felt like I was getting harassed, and it was beyond football.

"Calling me the N-word and everything is not football anymore. It is just going out of your way."

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